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Fertilization & Tree Health

Trees need essential elements for proper functioning and growth. Trees in urban settings are often growing in soils lacking sufficient essential nutrients, therefore its necessary to fertilize in order to increase the available nutrients.

The Trusty Tree Way

It is formulated for the Professional Arborist. Because of its high Ureaform content it does not dissolve completely but with strong agitation remains in suspension. Over half of the Nitrogen in Our TREE FERTILIZER is derived from Ureaform. This unique Ureaform fertilizer releases its available Nitrogen over the entire growing season. Any not released during the first season will carry over to the following year. Bacteria converts the more soluble fraction of Nitrogen so that 1/3 is released in the first six weeks, the next 1/3 in six weeks to 3 months and the final 1/3 within 12 months.

Low Salt Index
The lower the salt index per unit of plant nutrient in each ingredient of the fertilizer, the lower the risk of crop damage (sensitive feeding roots) in periods of drought or with localized placement of concentrated fertilizer. Our TREE FERTILIZER has a low salt index.

Our Tree Fertilizer
a combination of Ureaform and other selected raw materials to produce the highest analysis, best performing, slow release, low salt, injectable tree fertilizer available.

Why You Should Fertilize:

  • It increases growth
  • Reduces susceptibility to diseases and pests
  • And can reverse poor health

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