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Lot Clearing

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Edmonton Lot Clearing Services

Planning a construction project? Then you’ll need to clear the lot before you begin. The first step in preparing the land to build upon involves removing everything from the area that you don’t want there. Giving you a clean slate to get to work, Edmonton lot clearing may require the removal of trees and stumps along with land grading to ensure you won’t run into soil erosion and pests later down the line. In other words, it’s an invaluable, efficient service that will set your project and property up for success.


Ready to get to work? Call your Edmonton grounds specialist. Trusty Tree offers professional lot clearing services you can rely on. Call our customer care team at (780)860-5500 to find out more about our wide range of Edmonton services, including grounds maintenance, stump removal, and parking lot snow removal.

All About Edmonton Lot Clearing Services

Lot clearing comes in many sizes and levels of difficulty. No matter the size of your residential or commercial property, we have the necessary experience to successfully complete your project in a timely manner and within budget. We specialize in clearing properties of trees and underbrush, you can expect that one of our licensed Edmonton arborists will be supervising the project to ensure that your trees get the proper care.


With a deep love for trees and the know-how to properly care for them and remove them if necessary, we’ll ensure your property gets the attention it needs. If there are any remaining trees you’d like left, ask us about our tree pruning or deep root fertilization services for any future plants you wish to flourish.

Why You Need Edmonton Lot Clearing Services

While Edmonton lot clearing may seem to exist solely for the purpose of land development, it actually comes with a bevy of benefits for your property and the earth:


Improved Aesthetics

This is, perhaps, the most obvious benefit of Edmonton lot clearing. Getting rid of unsightly objects and trees through brush clearing can improve the look of the area. This in turn can help increase buyer interest if you’re trying to sell the property or investor interest if you’re looking for additional project funding. A tidy lot will prepare the area for the next step in the process.


Safer Properties

It can get hot and dry in Edmonton. Dead trees and bushes become fire hazards, causing fires that can damage any assets you have on the property as well as neighbouring properties. 

The clearing of land in these areas will reduce the risk of fire. Removing dead trees (which often have pest infestation) will also prevent pests from travelling to your healthy trees and harming them. With our services, you’ll also remove hazards in winter as anything underneath the snow could otherwise lead to trips and falls. Our Edmonton lot clearing service will keep your property safe.


Environmental Stability

You may not think this about Edmonton lot clearing at first, but cleaning out diseased, dead, and invasive species can actually have a positive environmental impact. It lets the other plants have increased access to light, water, and room to grow, encouraging the culmination of nutrients in the soil due to the increased demand from needy trees. If you’re interested in caring for those trees further, ask us about deep root fertilization.


Pest Reduction

Often, pests are the cause of unhealthy trees. They bore into the wood and eventually kill the tree before finding a new one to make their next victim. Dead trees are also often a safe space for rodents to reside. Their removal will eliminate the space for wildlife, helping to keep your property a safe place for your visitors.

About Our Edmonton Lot Clearing Services

If you’re under the assumption that Edmonton lot clearing is the simple removal of dead trees and trash, think again. It’s actually quite a complicated process that requires an expert eye. Our professionals will need to survey the land and match it with the city-approved construction blueprints before making it work the way you want it to for construction. One of the main reasons locals get their lots cleared is to build on the land, but you may be seeking the service simply because you want yours to look better. Whatever reason you’re interested in our Edmonton lot clearing services, you can expect the following steps in yours:


  1. Land Clearing. This step involves letting our seasoned arborists assess your land. They’ll remove anything that will get in the way of your construction or anything that you ask us to. This could include dead trees, overgrown bushes, or rocks. In this step, we’ll also assess the remaining tree roots in the area to make sure they don’t invade your property in the future.
  2. Take down existing structures. There’s a good chance the property you’re building on already has a structure on it. If it does, we’ll take it down before preparing the land further.
  3. Grade the land. The steps we take to grade your land vary based on the type of land we’re dealing with. We may need to address things such as drainage, erosion prevention, and in general, make sure the land can hold your building or project.

Why Choose Trusty Tree Services For Edmonton Lot Clearing?

Now that you know why Edmonton lot clearing isn’t as simple as you first thought, you likely know that hiring an expert Edmonton arborist will yield you better results than a company with less skill. The step that sets your project up for success, one small mistake could be the difference between a building that’s at risk of compromise from soil erosion and one that’s not. When hiring Trusty Tree Services for your Edmonton lot clearing, you can have peace of mind that your property will be treated with the utmost respect. Dedicated to helping the greater Edmonton AB area and Sherwood Park since 2017, we’re known for our excellent service and love for the industry while adhering to all city bylaws. Call us today at (780)860-5500 to learn more about the difference hiring Trust Tree can make for your next land clearing project.

Frequently Asked Questions About Edmonton Lot Clearing

Can I Clear My Lot Myself?

To a certain degree, yes. It depends on what is in the lot and what your plans are for it. If you simply wish to remove trash or junk from residential properties and have the time, energy, and willpower to do it, then certainly, you could do a driveway clearing or parking lot clearing yourself. But suppose you’re planning to build on private property or need tree or stump removal. In that case, you will need the help of professional tree service experts—especially if there are any hazardous conditions. Hiring the experts will save you time and is a more cost effective solution as you won’t need to rent heavy-duty machinery and heavy equipment to get the job done, nor worry about getting insurance for yourself. 

Is Edmonton Lot Clearing Expensive?

The price of Edmonton lot clearing depends on what your property requires. The best way to get an idea of what the service will cost is to contact our customer service team and set up an assessment. We’ll need to hear about your plans and see the property before giving you a quote.

Looking For Exceptional Service? Call Trusty Tree For Edmonton Lot Clearing Today

Whether you have a project on the go or are planning for the future, learning more about our Edmonton lot clearing service can help you understand exactly what we can bring to your next project. From experienced arborists to specialized tools, we deliver high-quality workmanship and expert knowledge to every job within our range of services—whether you call us for tree pruning, tree removal, or grounds maintenance! Call (780)860-5500 today to get started.

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