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Trimming and Pruning

Pruning is extremely important for maintaining the overall health and safety of trees.

Pruning is typically used to:

  • Improve a tree’s structure
  • Increase safety by reducing branch failure potential
  • Clearance from roadways, buildings, driveways, etc.
  • Reduce shade and wind resistance.
  • Improve a view
  • Increase flower or fruit production

How is this achieved?

  • Removal of dead, damaged, and diseased branches
  • Thinning and reduction cuts
  • Raising for proper clearance

The site, time of year, species, size, vitality and maturity, are all factors that need to be considered by an arborist that can affect pruning objectives. Improper cuts lead to decay and affect a tree’s ability to heal the wound properly. In turn, it affects the health and vigour of a tree.

Tree Removal

Removing trees is often a very dangerous task. Our experienced arborists have been trained in order to remove all trees in a safe and effective manner. Whether it’s a tree in a wide open space, or a large tree in a tight space, we are able to remove them safely and efficiently.

Although we don’t encourage the removal of healthy trees, sometimes it is necessary.  There’s several reasons for why a tree may need to be removed:

  • They’re damaged or decayed unhealthy trees
  • Poor structural integrity that could cause them to become a safety hazard
  • Or aesthetics, perhaps a tree is becoming overgrown and taking over your yard

We specialize in large, hazardous removals.  Trusty Tree Services has the equipment and technical rigging to accomplish the most difficult and high location projects. Our equipment and certifications allow us to work around power lines, buildings and hard to reach areas. Contact us to meet with an experienced arborist on site.

Bracing and Cabling

Sometimes it is necessary to cable and or brace your tree in the event of splits, cracks or for limb correction.  We will reinforce your tree and/or help it to withstand the weather conditions we experience here in northern alberta.

Tree and Shrub Planting

Tree and shrub planting is a great way to improve the overall aesthetics of a yard. It is of utmost importance to plant the right tree and shrub in the right location. Proper planting is vital to the health and long term survival of every tree; our experienced team members are trained in proper planting techniques to ensure the long term health of each tree that is planted.

Call us today to have your yard assessed to discuss what trees or shrubs might be best and most appropriate for your property.

Infill Removals

Infill is the process of developing vacant or under-used land within existing urban areas that are already developed. Infill can consist of demolishing a building and replacing it with something new. It also includes the development of residential, commercial, mixed-use or institutional on vacant lots in existing neighbourhoods.

We have worked with several infill companies within the Edmonton area. Dependent on your projects needs, we provide services such as full removal & product haul out, removal & leaving product on site, and stump grinding. Contact us to find out more.

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