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Stump Removal

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Stump Grinding

Let the professionals at Trusty Tree remove that pesky stump for you. Our stump grinder’s able to tackle the biggest of stumps while still fitting through standard backyard gates with no issues. We work quick and leave no mess behind.


Stump Grinding for Replant

Our stump grinders are able to grind to depths of 8" to 30". This allows homeowners to replant trees in the exact same location as previous trees.

What we also do

  •  We typically grind stumps to a depth of 8-12”, and then clean up and backfill the hole with the mulch.  Hauling away the mulch, or adding topsoil and grass seed to the fill the hole can all be done at an additional cost
  • If you want to re-plant a tree in the same location of an old one, we can stump grind deep and wide enough to plant a large tree in the same location. Typically 12"-24".
  • We also can grind surface roots at an additional cost




• Stump grinding is scheduled after the tree work is performed due to our tree crews and stump crews being separate divisions.

• The operator will be completing the agreed upon work described in the quote. Any changes requested by the client to quantities, specifications, or other aspects of the services not described in the quote will incur additional charges (i.e., requesting a depth change, requesting surface roots to be grounded, etc.). Any changes will require a signature prior to work commencing or continuing.

• It is the homeowner’s responsibility to move existing rocks and mulch back at least 3ft from stump(s) in all directions to prevent damage from flying rocks/mulch. Trusty Tree Services is not responsible for cost incurred from damages caused by missed rock(s)/mulch or for damage to underground/hidden structures such as irrigation lines.

• It is the homeowner’s responsibility to call for line locates prior to grinding operations.

• A 3-foot-wide gate opening and 3-foot-wide path to stump is required. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to remove any gates or fencing prior to the service.

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