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Expert Edmonton Tree Trimming Services

Want your yard to look fantastic for the upcoming spring season? Edmonton arborists make the city look beautiful as the blooms and flowers appear! Don't let your property be the only one on the street without proper care for your trees, shrubs, and hedges. Edmonton tree trimming is as essential as ensuring the paint on your house isn't faded or peeling. So spruce up your yard maintenance, and look no further! Trusty Tree Services provides expert tree services, treating your property like theirs!

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About Our Tree Trimming Services

Tree trimming is essential for maintaining the health and appearance of the trees and shrubs on your property. Trimming improves the overall health of a tree by promoting new growth, improving airflow, and reducing the risk of disease. Regular tree trimming can also increase your property value by making it pleasing to the eye. Hiring a professional service is important as they have the necessary equipment and expertise to safely and efficiently trim any tree.

Knowing the basics of tree trimming, Edmonton, can help you understand why it's needed for your yard. While there are several reasons why tree trimming is used, the most common reasons to hire a tree service company are for these purposes: safety, health, and aesthetics.

Safety: Though tree pruning is used to remove dead branches and keep your property safe, tree trimming can also protect your tree. By avoiding branch overcrowding and reducing the crown, you can prevent future safety concerns with your trees.

Health: The overall health of your tree is vital to avoid decay and death. Promoting healthy trimming may include removing branches too close or rubbing together, thinning the tree crown for airflow improvement, or trimming off some foliage to allow lower limbs more sunlight and prevent die-off.

Curb Appeal: Aesthetics are the most common reason people hire landscaping companies in Edmonton—tree trimming is no exception. Trimming helps shape and give your trees and shrubs a lovely appearance. For example, do you have pines and want that Christmas tree shape in your yard? Our Edmonton tree trimming service will do that!

Different Types of Tree Trimming Services

Tree trimming services play an essential role in maintaining the health and beauty of your landscape. Edmonton tree trimming services include a wide variety of cutting for different tree issues, from the largest trees to the smallest saplings.

Crown Thinning: This involves trimming and technical removal of lateral branches, ensuring the limbs grow evenly spaced without crossing over one another. Sometimes this service must be performed over several years because trimming too many branches at once can kill the tree. This is good for mature trees, young saplings, and diseased trees that can be saved.

Crown Raising: This is usually done with tree pruning services to avoid the tree coming into contact with structures that could be dangerous. This involves removing branches from the lower part of the tree, creating a clearance underneath it. Hazard tree removal will only be needed if the whole tree is deemed to be planted in a dangerous location. Sometimes your team of experts can move the tree if that's the case. This is good for dangerous trees and low-hanging branches like willow trees.

Crown Reduction: This involves removing more than half of the tree foliage by trimming lateral branches until the crown is at its desired size, letting enough sunlight and airflow through for optimum growth. This is good for huge trees with full crowns, such as elm trees and fruit trees.

Difference Between Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning

We often get asked the difference between tree trimming and pruning and which service is needed. Many people don't realize these services are different and use the terms interchangeably. These services are different, with pruning used to remove unneeded limbs or branches and tree trimming used to encourage healthy growth. Understanding the difference in these services is crucial for the overall health of your tree.

Tree trimming promotes shrubs, hedges, and trees to thrive while making the appearance more attractive, especially for commercial properties. Here, specialists often use trimmers, saws, shears, and other specialized tools to promote healthy tree growth. Green shoots are removed during this service, so the tree spends energy on its branches. Trimming occurs twice yearly, especially if blooms and flowers are wanted in early spring.

Tree pruning is about tree maintenance and refers to removing dead or unnecessary branches or roots. Sometimes this is because roots or branches grow in the wrong direction, create obstacles, or become a bigger headache by intruding on utility wires, pipes, and other electrical components. Pruning often uses hand shears or lopping shears as the preferred tools unless the branch is uncommonly thick and needs a saw. Pruning is usually done once a year. Depending on the type of tree, will depend on the season the pruning occurs. For example, dormant trees are typically pruned in winter to prepare for good growth in spring. Tree pruning helps prevent unwanted growth from becoming a bigger problem.

Edmonton Tree Trimming Experts at Trusty Tree!

Trusty Tree Services is a family company that strives to treat our customers like family! Our dedication to customer satisfaction is next level with our professionalism, safety procedures, and 25+ years of experience in the tree industry. We make it our mission to serve the greater Edmonton area to the best of our ability, giving high-quality tree care and a satisfied customer experience to all who trust our family business!

At Trusty Tree Services, we offer top-level tree services with our:

Expertise & Professionalism: Our professional arborists are highly trained with decades of experience, follow all provincial bylaws, and have fantastic safety records. They provide excellent advice on all preventative care for your garden, from seedlings to huge trees.

ISA-Certified Arborists: Our efficient and well-trained arborists are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), meaning they are adequately trained for all your needs, even in emergency tree services. Our tree company is certified to work around dangerous structures, such as power lines, and in tight spaces. Our experienced arborists also carry certifications and memberships for many arborists' tree societies in North America.

Specialized & Updated Equipment: Our equipment allows us to tackle even the most complex projects. We ensure all our tools are working correctly and are up-to-date on regular maintenance so we can provide you with the highest quality work.

Trusty Tree Services values our clients and do not discriminate against anyone for any reason but care for people, providing respectful and friendly service. Contact us today to speak with one of our friendly team members about our affordable tree care services!

Tree Trimming Edmonton FAQs

Can I Do All the Trimming Myself?

Homeowners can trim most smaller shrubs, depending on the desired outcome. If you want your hedges or shrubs trimmed in a specific pattern or design, then it's a good idea to trust a tree expert who has experience trimming bushes in a particular design.

As for Edmonton tree trimming, we recommend hiring top-rated ISA arborists for the job because property owners can sometimes get a little trim-happy and take too much off a tree, resulting in reducing its health. Nobody wants to end up with a dead tree, which happens when too much trimming or the wrong tree limbs are removed. Replacing a dead tree is expensive, and many city bylaws require a dead tree to be replaced. So stick with expert tree services and Edmonton Arborists who have extensive knowledge of types of pruning and trimming.

Do You Have Any Tree Trimming Tips?

Trimming any tree or shrub yourself risks killing it, but our Alberta arborists love giving homeowners their tree expert advice. Some tips we have about tree trimming are:

  • Only trim branches that are weak and have narrow angles.
  • Trimming and pruning new or young growth is more straightforward, especially if you want to avoid scarring.
  • The ratio of tree height to the living crown should be two-thirds.
  • Be careful how a branch is trimmed; not too long or too close to the trunk to damage it.
  • Never trim large branches by yourself.

It's best to prune or trim your trees during the tree's dormant season. Contact your Edmonton Arborist today so they can let you know when that is!

What Other Services Do You Offer?

Along with our Edmonton tree trimming services, our friendly team offers services for yard work and maintenance, including tree planting, tree removal services, tree risk assessment, deep root fertilizing, mulching and landscaping, fruit tree pruning, tree fertilization, snow removal, tree cabling, stump grinding, tree stump removal, storm damage, emergency storm response services, emergency maintenance tree services, and more!

Hire Trusty Tree Services for All Your Tree Trimming, Edmonton!

Tree trimming makes your yard look beautiful while also keeping your trees healthy. Rely on ISA-certified arborists at Trusty Tree Services so your trees live long, healthy lives. Our tree care company serves Edmonton and nearby places, offering reasonable quotes to residential properties and commercial business owners. Contact our friendly team of experts today if you are searching for reliable tree trimming services around Edmonton & Area at 780-860-5500!

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