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Lawn Care & Maintenance

Trusty Tree Services offers top-notch lawn care & yard maintenance services to keep your yard looking its best

Lawn Care & Maintenance

We all know how much of a pain it can be always mowing your lawn, it’s something that you have to worry about any time you go away during the summer months, and it often grows faster than we realize and can really become a nuisance to continue to maintain.  NOT TO WORRY!!

Hedge Trimming

So many properties have many shrubs and hedges which look so nice in the summer months and offer a lot of appeal to any property, but one of the downfalls with any hedge or shrub is that they require pruning and maintenance. The difference between a yard with big bushy neglected shrubs and a yard with nicely shaped and sheared shrubs is staggering and can really make a property stand out and shine!

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