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Stump Grinding

Whether its a small stump you need to get rid of or a very large one, we can do it all!

Our walk beside stump grinder is large enough to tackle the biggest of stumps, yet small enough to fit through a standard backyard gate to get to that stump in your backyard. Our experienced stump grinders will get your stumps ground out safely and efficiently with excellent cleanup, leaving no mess behind! In addition, our machine is turf-friendly so it wont tear up your grass.

What do we do?

  • We typically grind stumps to a depth of 8-12, and then clean up and backfill the hole with the mulch.  Hauling away the mulch, or adding topsoil and grass seed to the fill the hole can all be done at an additional cost
  •  If you want to re-plant a tree in the same location of an old one, we can stump grind deep and wide enough to plant a large basketd tree in the same location
  • We also can grind surface roots at an additional cost
Stump Grinding

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